A Sound Bath Savasana Experience Showed me the Power of Chakras

On February 23, my mom and I visited Juici Yoga Studio in Waterloo, ON. We went to a Sound Bath Savasana Yoga session. We didn’t really know what that meant. I didn’t think that the practice would do anything to me physically but, of course, I underestimated it. Better yet, I learned more about my body through it all.

The sound bath session that we went to was over an hour long. We started and ended with a breathing exercise. We spent the rest of the time in between lying down with blankets and pillows in a heated studio. The instructor explained that he would be playing bowl instruments that were placed at different spots in the room.

We then closed our eyes and it began. The sound of the first drum was aggressive and I was hit almost instantly with an anxious reaction. The sound was in a minor key and I definitely was nervous for the rest of the session.

In the middle of the session, I lost track of time and almost felt out-of-body. I was feeling positive about the experience nonetheless. An hour is a really long time to be completely still - and if you’re bored and have lots of time on your hands - I suggest giving it a try. I started to feel half asleep yet also wide awake, my thoughts as busy as ever.

So, I tried to move. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t actually paralyzed. My whole middle to lower body ached. I felt restless and anxious like I had when the session started. Soon enough, the instruments stopped and it was over.

The instructor had an open discussion with all of us afterwards. He explained that it is common for individuals to get restless and anxious because of the soundwaves of certain bowls and feel elated through the experience of others. Because our ears are so limited to what they can hear, there are soundwaves taking place that were resonating in our body without our realizing.

He also said that the effects of the resonation from the drums could affect your body days later. Because of my lower body pain, I didn’t think it would hit me again. Three days later, I realized I was very wrong.

What I loved about this experience was that it was very personalized. I looked into my chakra while I was at the studio and discovered that my middle to lower body tends to be a common area of pain for me, displaying the effect of solar plexus chakra.

I woke up the Tuesday after that session with awful hip pain. I don’t believe in coincidences and, since I had an emotional evening the night before, I was not surprised to wake up with a physical reaction to it. I was surprised, however, at the consistency with where the pain occurs.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the colour yellow which has been a favourite colour of mine, definitely not coincidentally around the time of change in my life. It’s associated essential oil is chamomile, which I put on at night to help me sleep.

As I said, I don’t believe in coincidences. I love this kind of stuff. I do believe that I was affected by the sound bath yoga but, even more, I think that I had to experience the later effect to better understand that the connection between my body and spirit is strong.

The same area of my body is affected when I experience emotional traumas. I would recommend a sound bath yoga session to anyone who is hoping to learn more about this connection. I am now aware of what areas are specific to my spirit and I am excited to see how this blossoms into more understanding.

For those who are interested in taking a Chakra Test, feel free to check out this website. To lean more about Juici Yoga Studio in Waterloo, check out their current events!

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