Demi Lovato is Exactly the Kind of Role Model we Need

I've always been a fan. My heart broke for her and her family during the overdose experience. Now she's back, and she's doing some amazing work that this world needs.

Each time that I think we're getting somewhere with accepting our differences, I get discouraged by the internet.

This world is actually the resting place of billions of idiots, including myself. We have the weirdest social values and beliefs, and we think that we're smart, cool or professional based on what we think makes a person smart, cool or professional.

Don't believe me? Alright, how 'bout this. On the internet, you can stumble upon some crazy profiles and learn a lot about these people based on what they promote.

We have white, blonde, Christian women who like guns and education at the same time. We have Kanye West ...need I say more?

We have individuals who hear voices in their minds that don't exist. Someone wears a speedo and people get uncomfortable. Cats chase their tails and we laugh as if humans aren't doing the exact same thing on a way more serious scale. How in the world did we decide what is normal and what isn't anyways?

Demi Lovato is blessed and curse with deep feelings and self/social awareness. She had a rough start and I can't imagine the life that she was living so early on. But she's doing amazing things.

She posts non-photoshopped bikini photos knowing that there will be hate. She shares photos of her wearing now makeup and photos of her headed to the voting polls. But the best part of her doing this, she shares that it's terrifying to do.

And just so I understand this correctly, it's only hard to do this because, again, we're a planet full of idiots who have made up an idea of what bodies and societies and governments and environments are supposed to look like.

On March 6, 2020, Demi released a song called "I Love Me". The day before, she went on Ellen to talk openly about her overdose. Both of these pieces were so impactful to me that I don't even know how to start.

Demi spoke the truth with grace for those who were involved in her relapse. She was aware of how poorly she was treated but also took ownership in a way that takes incredible strength. Check it out below!

Then she goes and releases this powerful, tell-all song. The video is what impressed me the most. There are subtle cues throughout that probably only mean things to her.

She passes three boys who look like the Jonas Brothers and shares a facial expression that I'm sure only her loved ones will understand. She passes a bride and groom, possibly representing her ex-boyfriend's engagement. She features a mom and young girls in auditions in LA, possible representing her early years.

The part that hit me the most, was her touching the arm of a person in a stretcher headed to the ambulance. The power of that simple gesture showed how impacted Demi has been from her overdose without her needing to say anything.

Us idiots don't deserve a role model like this, but we got one. She walked away from each experience with more compassion than she had before. That is the kind of person that this generation needs to see.

We need to see people who fall down and get back up. But the way that they get back up matters, too. She isn't bitter, cynical or isolated. She's vulnerable, honest and compassionate. She knows that she needs to work on herself more and that is the kind of acceptance we all need in order to grow.

I'm so grateful for her health and safety. If you haven't heard Demi's new song "I Love Me" yet, check it out on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or other streaming platforms.

How can you get back up with compassion today?

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