EIGHT Womxn You NEED To Know About..

Updated: May 2, 2020

I am obsessed with finding powerful female role models who empower us to become better people. I wouldn't have been courageous enough to start this platform without them and they help me keep pushing even on the hardest days.

I want to share with you eight womxn who are shaping this world into one we can be proud of! We're talking body positivity, mental health, peace advocacy, sexual abuse understand and much, much more!

It's important to admire but not compare. These ladies show us that it IS possible to dream big and share our stories, but every journey is different. Find yourself inspired, not discouraged! This could be and will be you.

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1. Deja Fox

Deja Fox is a 20-year old change-maker you need to know about. Recovered from homelessness as a teenager to attending Colombia University is just one aspect of her impressive & inspiring story. She is the founder of Gen Z Girl Gang, a platform "redefining sisterhood for a new generation", and El Rio RHAP, a Reproductive Health Access Project "helping teens take control of their health". She was named a Teen Vogue 21 under 21, became MAC Cosmetic's youngest Ambassador and visited the Women's World Cup with Nike as a Dream Leader - just to name a few.

2. Lee-Anne Reuber

Lee-Anne Reuber is the founder of Sekond Skin Society, home to Buti Yoga teachings all over South-Western Ontario. Buti Yoga offers a mix of traditional yoga, plyometrics, cardio, tribal movement and dance. Lee-Anne explains that Buti yoga "will bring you to discover your new or true self and reveal the cure which has been kept secret."Beyond her impactful yoga practices, Lee-Anne offers #WhatItIsWednesdays, where she talks about a challenge she's facing and brings awareness to it. In one of her posts, she explains

"I remembered my body deserved so much better than what I had given it... and I really did get back on track. I fuelled it properly, challenged it physically, but I also took an entire rest day to pamper myself. That was hard!" Sounds like the honesty we all need, right now! Lee-Anne is currently offering online original mixed-style yoga sessions by donation through her platform, the Connektion. Learn more by clicking her name!

3. Munroe Bergdof

Munroe Bergdorf is a powerful model, advocate and founder of the Goddess Platform. She is the LGBTQ+ Editor for Dazed Beauty, a UK Changemaker for UN Women and a Patron for Mermaids Gender UK. She was awarded "Changemaker of the Year" at the 2018 Cosmopolitan Awards. She was the first transgender model in the UK for L'Oreal, was part of a documentary called What Makes A Woman and frequently shares her insights on the need for improved LGBTQ+ rights and respect. She writes in a post,

"Transphobia is not an opinion. no ifs, ands, or buts about it. no reservations, restrictions, or excuses. we are not a debate. we are not an issue or concern. you do not get to disagree with another person's identity because you don't understand their reality. human. just like you. human. just like us."

4. Emily Coxhead

Emily Coxhead is the founder and creator of The Happy News, a real newspaper that shares positive news and inspiring individuals published quarterly and shipped worldwide (specifically, 33 different countries). The paper started in 2015, through a fundraiser that reached its 500 Euro goal in only two days. It is now read by 12 000 subscribers! She also runs a shop and shares everyday heroes on her website. Her instagram is home to positive little doodles and constant realness. Currently, she's coping with the cancellation of her wedding and renovating her home alongside her spouse during the troubling COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. Emily offers great little insights that are sure to brighten your day, make sure to check out her work!

5. Chidera Eggerue

Chidera is the author of "What A Time To Be Alone" and "How To Get Over A Boy". She is a British, Nigerian writer and speaker and started #SaggyBoobsMatter, a hashtag that challenges body expectations and the idea that women with big breasts have to wear a bra that prevents them from sagging. She felt uncomfortable as a teenager and decided to speak up. She later created a blog called The Slumflower to share fashion that is beyond mainstream, one of her many passions. In 2018, she was chosen for the BCC 100 Women list.

6. Megan Rose Lane

Megan Rose Lane is a mental health and body positivity advocate. She was previously well-known for her makeup tutorials but has recently changed her focus. She runs a podcast called "Word" where she challenges perspective shifts and shares her personal experiences with each one. She is the founder of She Grows, events encouraging women to chase the life they dream of. Megan is honest about her own struggles with mental health, divorce, motherhood and body image in a way that helps you feel understood and empowered to make changes.

7. Laura Ogden

Laura Ogden runs an instagram account called @KnowAboutAbuse, which is currently home to the projects "What I Wish the World Knew About Abuse" and "What I Wished the World Knew About Sexual Assault". Anyone can contribute to these initiatives by messaging Laura on her page. She includes positivity, helplines, myths about abuse other issues to help get rid of the stigma and create an understanding platform for others. Her work is insightful and educational, helping us empaths relate and support each other even more. Make sure to check it out.

8. Meredith Hutton

Mere Hutton is incredible. I'm not going to say more, because you can hear all about it yourself through the story she shared on our platform earlier this week. Check it out!

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