Emotion Behind Culinary Creations with Italian Baker Iasmina Balamat

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Iasmina learned of her purpose and passion while living in Italy, but the influences of family and Mother Earth were also significant in her journey to providing comfort to others through her pastries.

"I grew up in a family where we respect nature and all the good stuff that she offers us. My grandmother always cooks with fresh fruit and vegetables form our garden. This influenced also my work today," Iasmina explained.

"I use only natural ingredients for all my products. A good dessert can be made also with less sugar. Everyday at work is a challenge to make healthy and delicious sweets. A healthy body and a healthy mindset are the best things to take care of!"

She further explains her history, sharing, "I started this beautiful journey 3 years ago. I was confused about my future and I got the answer when I didn’t expect it."

Iasmina's story is one of discovering true purpose naturally. She recalls, "I was walking on the street in a little village of Italy when I saw a little bakery. All that smell of baked biscuits was insane so I entered in the shop. At that moment, I knew that I wanted to become a pastry chef."

After this impactful experience, Iasmina chased this dream of hers, "In 2017, I finished at the academy Cast Alimenti, in Brescia, Italy. Soon after, I started to work in a pastry shop."

She was quick to turn her dreams into reality. "Two years later I knew it was the time to open my own bakery so that’s when I created Kaya. I started alone with my little pastry laboratory full of hope and energy. Things are going quite well and I’m really proud to have my own space where I can be creative."

Iasmina has been amazed at the connection between her bakery and mental health. She has seen the influence that she has, explaining, "I remember once, a man tried one of my biscuits and started to cry slowly. I was confused and he told me that my biscuits remembered him about this mother. The taste of food bring us memories back, I’m sure. So we hugged each other and this is one of my best memories."

She puts simply: "I’m really proud of my work because I feel like a pastry chef is someone that creates emotions. Even if they’re happy or sad, people wants sweets. I’m here to make a cake for a celebration or to comfort someone."

Reflecting on her own mental health, she shares, "I’m a peaceful person. Everyday I try to find an equilibrium between all the things in my life. A positive mental health is the key to a happy life."

After reflecting on the current state of global distress due to COVID-19, she shares with me, "I would like to tell my younger self to have more patience! Everything good comes if you see everything around with kindness and respect. Stress and rush doesn’t help us. We must take our time for everything."

"We don’t work so much these months. But in the end I just want everyone to be ok! Here in Italy we help each other in this dark period. People became more united."

Iasmina has taken this opportunity to show acts of kindness, furthering her ability to create emotions through her bakery. She explains, "Now when we deliver our products, I write also letters. Letters with positive thoughts so my costumers know that they are not alone. We are all together."

I was deeply inspired by Iasmina's work and I know that you will be too! Feel free to check out her Instagram page here for more of her work.

When asked about the future of her bakery, she explains, "I hope to start a YouTube channel. I would like to start posting baking videos. It’s a great way to start interacting with people. And of course, to improve my skills. We never stop learning."

My favourite message from Iasmina: "Positivity will conquer negativity! Cheers for all the people and the friends I didn’t meet yet!"

This world, especially right now, needs ladies like Iasmina who carry the mentality of compassion and care for others, always. Carry on, my friends, and be a light in the dark!

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