Famous Last Words: "I Don't Sport"

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

How my behaviours dictated my attitude towards sports and affected my self-compassion and overall confidence.

Just to be clear here - I STILL don't really do sports. I played baseball and soccer consistently as a kid. Tried horseback riding, swimming, curling (I know, right?), gymnastics, dance, tennis and karate for, like, a day.

Around the age when someone told me that my cheeks bounce up and down when I run was the time that I stopped. Around the time when the girls at soccer started bragging about their goals was around the time when I stopped trying for them. The only photo I could find of me doing a sport is this shot right after a dance competition, after our teacher told us that we couldn't make her look bad. That's a whole other toxic world to talk about another day.

Here's the thing - it's hard to suck. I didn't totally sucked, but I'm more of an artistic person. (Saw that typo during my round of edits and decided to keep it for irony's sake!) Especially approaching adolescence, it's hard to suck in front of others.

As I adjusted into my adolescent years without sports, it became common for me to blurt out to my family and friends that I simply don't sport. I don't care about it and I won't do it.

The problem with this is, as I learned more about personal development, I realized how damaging this was to myself. I was limiting my abilities before I even tried!

Then I discovered yoga. If you haven't tried yoga and don't think it's a sport ...shut up. Like really.

The first time I left a yoga session I was hit with everything that I needed in order to get back to athleticism.

Yoga is personal. It may not be high on cardio (except if you haven't tried Buti Yoga, you've got another thing coming for ya), but the balance and coordination it takes to do the positions *properly* is huge.

I don't have it all down yet, but I'm so connected to my body when I'm practicing. Yeah my cheeks may bounce when I run and I may not have a solid soccer kick, but I have a connection with my body that I'm pretty darn proud of!

If your story sounds similar to mine, I recommend practicing yoga for yourself. If not yoga, find something that can be done FOR YOU. This goes for anything, too. Don't let others shut you down, find your niche!

Next step for me is boxing. I'm sure my last words will change once that adventure begins but, until then...

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