Give Yourself The Energy You Need

This world is sending all different kinds of chaos our way. What can we control? What keeps us grounded and focused.

You NEED a game plan right now.

This quarantine mess has made social media an even more dangerous place to be. FOMO isn't about our friends anymore, it has turned into FOMO on important COVID information.

When is there time to breathe?

When is there time to remember who we are?

Who we want to be?

It's up to us, unfortunately. But it's super important. So - one way to make it seem less daunting?

Control the messages you take in. This goes for social media, Netflix, reading and, most importantly for me, music.

Music has moved me in ways I'm still trying to understand. It has always been a significant part of my life. I know that it has the power to shift me into a different place mentally and it can do the same for you.

So, I want to help you! Let's control this together.

I've created a Spotify and Apple Music playlist for you titled, "Boss Womxn Energy."

This playlist goes from R&B to rap to alternative to pop to country. All of the messages are about embracing our power and acknowledging our feelings.

I think the title "Boss Woman" or "Boss Babe" has come from the struggle that women face in the business world. But the way I see it, womxn have special, unique characteristics that benefit them in any area.

Think about it. We tend to lead with our emotions, making the world a better place no matter what we do. We're the helpers.

This playlist is ALL about accepting our emotional side and finding power in it.

Save it to your own library and then take or add whatever you'd like! This is yours, to remind you that you do have a tool to help you change the way you feel and the energy you're receiving.

Let's do it!



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