Interview with She's Moving Mountains founder Kate LaScola

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Kate LaScola knows what it's like to build a project from scratch. As a writer for HerCampus JMU, Instagram manager for HerCampus JMU, Outdoor Adventure Club President, Blogger of She's Moving Mountains and Millennial Marketers Network group co-admin, she has found her voice.

I first heard about Kate and her work through the awesome media outlet The Conversationalist. Kate was always an enthusiastic ambassador and I grew to admire her dedication to her projects quickly.

I asked Kate to share with us what her background was like because I looked up to her work when starting this project. I'm excited to give an opportunity for readers to get to know her better!

Q: Why did you start your activism?

"I have lived with a mental illness and grew up ashamed. No one spoke about it and if I tried then others viewed that as "attention seeking." I learned to keep my mouth shut and that lead to a lot of pain inside. When I got to college I ended up switching my majors and chose writing. My blog started out as a mini portfolio, but I realized that my story could help others. I focus on mental health to eliminate that loneliness associated with it and to get rid of the horrible stigma."

Q: What do you value in the work that you do?

"People have messaged me saying thank you. They've thanked me for putting their thoughts into words or helping them figure out exactly what they're dealing with. I never expected a thank you, but to know that I am helping even one person makes everything I do worth it. I focus on mental health so no one feels that they are alone over something they can't control going on in their head."

Q: What are some next steps for your work?

"My next step is taking my blog to IGTV and a podcast. I'm hoping to start the IGTV very soon and the podcast has a predicted launch date at the beginning of the summer!"

Q: What is one thing that you think 'her defiant bliss' audience should know?

"Starting a blog was the single best decision I ever made. It gave me a purpose and a platform to share my voice. I've been so lucky to meet amazing people who blog in many different niches. I don't remember what I did with my days before I started a blog!"

To learn more about Kate and She's Moving Mountains, check out her blog here. For updates and new projects, check out Kate's Instagram (@katesmoviingmountains) and Twitter (@shesmvingmtns).

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