A World of Supportive Education and Fashion with Praveeni Perera

Updated: May 24, 2020

"One of my favourite quotes is 'you can never be overdressed or overeducated,' and I think that's reflective of my work as a Professor and my fashion blog," explains Praveeni.

Praveeni Perera works as a professor at Algonquin College near Ottawa, Canada. She has learned a lot about the importance of education in supporting her students, some being a long way from home.

She also founded her own blog, "The Weekend Fashionista," where she explores her passion for fashion.

"I've always valued education so I find a lot of meaning in my work. I enjoy blogging and sharing my style finds and I believe when you're well dressed you instantly feel better about yourself."

Praveeni has always focused on healthy coping skills in her life, being proactive with her mental health. "I always try to adopt a positive mindset. I focus a lot on fitness and nutrition which helps with staying healthy and improving my mood. An active lifestyle has helped cultivate a healthy mental outlook for me," she expands.

Praveeni started working as a Professor of International Business in 2017 and created her blog "The Weekend Fashionista" in the same year.

She explained, "I used to be a big perfectionist when it came to just about everything and now I would say I'm more easy going and accepting of imperfections. Given the chance, I would tell my younger self that perfection doesn't always bring happiness."

This attitude has been important for Praveeni during the COVID-19 pandemic, as that has changed the way that she teaches now. "I have been working from home and conducting classes via Zoom," she says, "I've found having a set schedule (time to wake up, go to bed at night, start work etc.) has really helped me stay focused. Incorporating some sort of exercise has also helped a lot."

Her role as an educator is extremely important to her, as she explained, "As a Professor I value interacting with students and hopefully making a difference in my lives. My students tell me that they look forward to my classes every week and that's a huge compliment for me."

"Many international students struggle with homesickness and adapting to life in Canada." Praveeni works very hard to help the students in her classes that have come from other countries to study in a new country.

She tells me, "I try to be as approachable as possible so students can feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their concerns with me. I've learned to be less formal with my students, overall I have an informal teaching style and I think that makes them feel more at ease."


For more about Praveeni's amazing work, check out her blog, "The Weekend Fashionista" or visit her Instagram page for extra content!

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