Starting "Tentative Talks" with Blogger Tabatha Miller

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Growing up, Tabitha was told that she had " wisdom that is beyond" her years. She now takes advantage of that through her platform "Tentative Talks" as she navigates life post-college graduation.

"I'm from Breckenridge, Texas. I graduated from Texas Tech University in December 2019 with my B.A. in English with a focus on Creative Writing," explains Tabitha.

Tabatha is the owner of "Tentative Talks" (, the blog.

"I started (my blog) because I wanted the topics that I chose to talk about to start a conversation with my readers. My family members have always told me that I have this wisdom that is beyond me since I'm only in my twenties."

She continues,

"While this is a creative outlet for myself, I created this for people to talk and open up. I want to start a conversation with you and speak on topics and issues that we have all either experienced ourselves or know of someone who has gone through it."

Tabatha is passionate about using her personal experiences to influence her blog, writing posts related to, "body positivity, trust amongst ourselves and others, my experience throughout college, focusing on ourselves and how it's helpful, social media, qualities of a good friend."

Her mother always encouraged Tabatha to chase her dreams. Tabiaha shared with me, "I'm currently taking a year or two off before looking at potential grad schools for my Masters."

Tabatha works to bring attention to issues that her readers care about, explaining,

"My main focus is to start a conversation between my readers. I hope that this blog provides you stories of truth, inspiration and some fun on what life has to offer."

She explains that her ongoing focus is on personal development, hoping to "continue to grow as a person and experience more of the lessons that life has to offer, so I can share my own experiences."

You can engage in Tabatha's blog, "Tentative Talks at the link below by reading her pieces and leaving comments with your thoughts!"

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