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Updated: Mar 20, 2020

It's time to start talking about issues that are difficult to talk about. I am so excited to finally put some of my thoughts into a safe space for others to question, challenge and better understand me and this crazy world!

"Who are you?"

Mighty fine question, friend. My name is Olivia. I am an 18 year-old student from Waterloo, Ontario. My hobbies include long walks on the beach, pretending my cat appreciates me, screaming loudly after I sneeze and baking cake on sad Tuesday afternoon.

I fall victim to obsessively scrolling on social media and putting the "should"'s in my inner dialogue. I set the bar very high for myself and am learning to allow the universe to control a couple things in my life. Only a couple, though!

I am also an emotional human being with a passion for believing in the good in everyone. Does that have its cons? You mean, like, the permanent emotional trauma that I experienced from thinking that the black lab I met in Mexico was going to come home with me and didn't? (In fairness, I was nine.) Absolutely, but I'm not ashamed of my optimism nor do I believe that it's naive. I believe that I have really unique perspectives on people and their worlds because of this. You can decide if you feel the same!

"What are you gonna talk about?"

The three dots in my logo are not unintentional. My three favourite topics to babble about include peace, mental health and wellness. I truly believe that we can cultivate our lives to become something more than average, we just don't know how to. Every so often I have moments of, "wow - that really makes sense," and I'm looking forward to sharing those with you.

The title of my space here also says a lot to it's character and content. Oftentimes, talking about peace, mental health and wellness feels defiant. It feels uncomfortable and atypical. My life has forever been changed by my inevitable choice to challenge these feelings of unease because I am truly being honest with myself and others about who I am. My mental health does not define me but, as I care deeply about others' well-being, it holds a large space in my soul. The same goes for peace and wellness.

My Promise

I can't promise that this space is going to be perfect. I hate when people do that. Those Instagram influencers who make it seem like everything is perfect, all the time, are lying. I promise. Tori does not feel invincible every time she drinks a green smoothie or her trainer pushes her that extra mile. She never woke up like that.

My promise is that I will never pretend that everything is perfect. I didn't get to where I am today without struggle and I won't make it through tomorrow without more. I want to be someone that you understand because you see the multiple dimensions that come with being a human being. I plan to share my spirit and my soul with you, owning my mistakes and moments of short-sightedness. I promise to be someone that I needed years ago when I was trying to find a lifeline of my own.

No pressure ...right?

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